Teen Peer Support Group

What is a Teen Peer Support Group?

The Teen Peer Support Group provides a safe and supportive environment for high school students with a mental health concern. They may have their own concern or be concerned about a family member or a friend. Participants do not need a mental health diagnosis to attend.  The support group provides a chance to learn coping skills, build resiliency, and connect and socialize with peers experiencing similar struggles. Two trained facilitators lead each group and new participants are welcome at any time. A free snack is provided.

What are the goals of the Teen Peer Support Group?

Provide opportunities to increase knowledge about symptoms and treatments
Give chances to learn the skills that will help participants cope with mental illness in school, community, and home
Opportunities for non-judgmental social support 
Supply information about available community resources

Provide support and encouragement to each other.

 Teen Peer Support Group Will Restart in Fall


 Wednesdays at 3:45pm

at The Delta Restaurant

515 N. Sawyer, Oshkosh

 Thursdays at 3:45pm

at First United Methodist Church

700 Linwood Avenue, OshKosh

Groups are free and free food is provided.

Please call (920) 651-1148 or send an email to info@namioshkosh.org for more information.