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Crisis Intervention Partners

Crisis Intervention Partners (CIP) training is a 16-hour training modeled after the training component of

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs for police officers. CIP is designed for wide-ranging audiences interested in

better understanding and improving interactions with people who experience mental health crises.

Participants may include correctional officers, 911 dispatchers, emergency personnel, hospital staff, teachers,

social workers, and ordinary citizens. Through information and practice, CIP is re-training participants to effectively

use attitudes, beliefs, and verbal/nonverbal skills as part of their response to crisis situations.

What Does CIP Include?

  • Basic education on human development and the impact of trauma

  • Overview of various mental illnesses (symptoms, treatments)

  • Presentation and discussion with individuals living with mental illness

  • Education on safe, effective crisis de-escalation and active listening skills

  • Self-care, building of support networks, and resiliency

  • Interactive role-plays on crisis de-escalation with feedback from trainers

  • Other activities might include: auditory hallucination (hearing voices) simulations

You can take this training!

NAMI Oshkosh will offer this free training soon. Watch for announcements. Questions can be directed

to Mary at 920-651-1148

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